About Us

We’re here to help our members convert uncertainty into confidence, inactivity into advance, isolation into friendships, and public unfamiliarity into understanding and support.

The Autistics Association of Greater Washington, Inc. — then called the Asperger Syndrome Adults — was founded by six “Aspies” on February 20, 2005.

We have more than 300 members in our organization, and have 20 to 25 members at our monthly “brick and mortar” and video meetings.

Prior to the coronavirus crisis, we had periodic social activities, most notably our AAGW Annual Dinner and our annual Potomac River Boat Ride.

Our meetings and the identities of our members remain strictly confidential. Membership, our video meetings, and our e-mail group are limited to people 18 and over in our region who have autism.

We do whatever it takes to help our members — trying to connect them with the right services, inspiring confidence, organizing social activities, reducing isolation, and advancing our policy interests.