The Autistics Association of Greater Washington, Inc. is a support, social and advocacy organization serving autistic adults in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and the surrounding region.

A professional diagnosis is not required for membership.

Our meetings and our e-mail group are limited to autistic adults in our region. We have only one exception: new members may bring one or two friends or family members to their first meeting.

Those who qualify for membership are encouraged to contact an officer.

Most social activities are open to family and friends. We maintain strict confidentiality of member identities and comments. To protect privacy online, many members use only their first names or use pseudonyms.

We offer our members mutual encouragement, try to connect our members with the right services, organize social activities, and advance our policy interests.

The Autistic Women of Greater Washington serves local women on the autism spectrum and has an e-mail group. No professional diagnosis is required for membership. Autistic women are encouraged to join both the Autistics Association of Greater Washington and the Autistic Women.