Food Home Delivery

Restaurant delivery and takeout
True, there are restaurant delivery services like GrubhubDoorDash and Uber Eats.

However, you might be able to save money by ordering delivery directly from a restaurant.

Ask the restaurant if its employees wear gloves and masks while preparing food.

To find a list of local restaurants offering delivery and takeout, please google:

[name of your community]  restaurants  delivery  takeout  coronavirus

Please tip drivers, deliverers and Instacart-style grocery shoppers generously!  (These people are risking their health — indeed their lives — to serve us yet their employers pay them little and often don’t provide them health insurance.)

Amazon Pantry
If you’re willing to wait as long as three weeks for delivery of a fair number of items, Amazon Pantry — not to be confused with Amazon Fresh (Whole Foods online grocery delivery) — offers a limited selection of household items and canned and dry foods.  (If you order only one or two items, delivery might take only two or three days.)  Amazon Pantry delivers orders of at least $35 without a shipping fee.  For orders of less than $35, there’s a 6-dollar shipping fee.

To use Amazon Pantry, one must have an Amazon account but one need not be an Amazon Prime member.  Amazon Pantry uses the standard Amazon package delivery service.

Online grocery delivery services
Unfortunately, online grocery delivery slots are increasingly blocked up.  The following online grocery delivery services might serve your community.  In the months to come, perhaps it’s worthwhile plodding away periodically at these Web sites, in case you can find a delivery time.

  • Peapod (Giant Food)
  • Amazon Fresh (Whole Foods) – We think one must be an Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Student member to use Amazon Fresh
  • Shipt (from Target and several other supermarkets and stores)
  • Instacart (from several supermarkets and stores)
  • FreshDirect
  • Costco (requires a Costco membership)
  • Walmart

Check out the following article on online grocery home delivery:

‘Coronavirus and Online Grocery Delivery: Everything You Need to Know’
March 24, 2020

Blue Apron meal ingredients delivery

Blue Apron delivers meal ingredients, which are then prepared by the customer.  Check for available slots.  (Blue Apron – tel. 646-891-4349)

Supermarket shopping insights
If you must venture out to the supermarket, please first read these helpful supermarket shopping guides from Woman’s Day and The New York Times:

‘I Went Grocery Shopping With A Doctor To Learn How To Do It Safely During Novel Coronavirus’’

The COVID-19 pandemic made me rethink even the most basic of errands.
Woman’s Day
April 4, 2020
By Meghan Rabbitt

‘Who Knew Grocery Shopping Could Be So Stressful?
Pushing a shopping cart, braving crowded aisles and even unpacking bags feel perilous. Here’s our guide to shopping during the coronavirus crisis.’
The New York Times
March 26, 2020